watersbiomedical has extensive formal training
and experience in:

Medical illustration & Scientific illustration:
traditional, digital, and hybrid
- patient, student, physician, nursing and
  continuing education
- anthropological, biological, ornithological,
  entomological, and traditional scientific

Medical Animation and scientific modelling
scripting, storyboarding and concept development
- 2D animation using Flash
- 2D animation using Adobe AfterEffects
- 3D modelling using Maya
- broadcast quality animation using Maya

Design for medicine and science:
visual identities, advertising, brochures, folders,
   reports, signage, and tradeshow presence

and Product delivery in a variety of media:
print, PowerPoint, web, CD or DVD

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watersbiomedical is a professional medical illustration service located in Victoria, BC Canada, providing medical illustration, scientific illustration, medical animation, scientific animation, medical and scientific Design, Illustration, and Animation. Professionally qualified as a medical illustrator at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, Lori Waters, MFA, MScBMC is a member of the international Association of Medical Illustrators.

Our services include: medical illustration, medical animation, medical art, scientific illustration, scientific art,
medical and scientific illustration animation and design for education, patient education, biology, anatomy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, presentations. Medical, clinical, science, art, illustration, animation, design, patient education, pharmaceutical advertising, biology, anatomy, clinical, molecular, cellular, gross anatomy, biology, surgical, surgery, pathology, obstetrics, immunology, anthropology, graphics, image, flash, powerpoint, 3D model, 3D animation, web, Internet, website, print design, publication, science book, scientific drawing.