This 3D visualization MSc research project DVD shows dendritic presentation of HIV-1 to CD4+ Th cells, viral concentration and the infectious synapse.PDB proteins were used to create the accurate HIV model shown, with most recent GP120 conformation and binding site data. SEM's references assured correct proportionate sizing of capsid to lipid bilayer, and viral surface glycoprotein trimers were numbered and arranged according to recent data. Cellular and environmental treatments on this DVD are similarly researched and presented. Please email me to purchase copies, licence HIV imagery, or to create custom visualizations.

watersbiomedical provides you with professional medical illustration, animation, and design services for medicine and science. watersbiomedical is owned by professional medical illustrator and animator, Lori Waters, MFA, MScBMC

Medical illustration, medical animation, and design for communicating scientific and medical concepts.

If you're a health professional or publisher
who communicates complex scientific or biological information, watersbiomedical is a professional medical illustration service to help you present your information visually in a variety of media, so your target audience will understand your subject quickly & easily.

Do your objectives sound like any of the following?

- Explain clinical procedures/ treatments to patients
- Teach medical or surgical procedures to medical
   students, residents, and nurses
- Demonstrate biological, physiological or
   pathological processes to students
- Demonstrate or substantiate scientific advances
   and results to investors or granting agencies
- Illustrate scientific content for publication or

If you answered yes, then watersbiomedical can help you create effective communication tools.

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Located in Victoria, British Columbia, WatersBiomedical is owned and operated by Lori Waters, MFA, MScBMC, AMI member. Waters Biomedical produces custom and stock high quality medical illustration, medical animation, medical art, scientific illustration, scientific art, and design for healthcare, medical professionals, physicians, nurse educators, pharmaceutical advertising, biotechnology, and publication. Located in Victoria, BC, British Columbia, Canada. Medical illustration, clinical, procedure, treatment, illustrate, illustration, graphic, presentation, demonstrate, show, medical, education, animate, animation, demonstrate medical device, medical procedure, healthcare promotion, anatomical illustration, anatomy, scientific, science illustration, scientific publication.

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